Argus Engineering: Consulting Mechanical and Electrical Engineers for industrial, educational, medical and institutional buildings


Whether it’s through new construction, renovation, or retrofitting, Argus Engineering will best fulfill your building’s purpose through intuitive mechanical and electrical engineering. Explore our mechanical or electrical capabilities here.
Places We Work
A hospital where healing happens. An office where business is conducted. A research lab where discoveries are made. Argus Engineering designs mechanical and electrical solutions for the following places, and the people who use them:
Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
Colleges and Universities
K-12 Schools
Commercial, Office and Retail Space
Academic, Research and Clinical Laboratories
Industrial Plants
Mission Critical Facilities
Sports Arenas
Transportation Facilities
Mechanical Engineering
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Process Piping
  • Systems Controls
  • Fire Protection 
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Central Plant Utilities
  • Indoor Air Quality
Electrical Engineering
  • Power Distribution
  • Lighting
  • Fire Alarm and Security 
  • Communications
  • Emergency and Uninterruptible Power
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Central Plant Utilities

"The engineers at Argus are both competent engineers and terrific people to work with. Every aspect of their work is thorough with great attention paid to all details. The engineers at Argus remain directly involved in their work after the completion of the design to ensure that the work is completed in strict conformance with the plans. Also, for the first time in our development experience, I have found an engineering team who is equally concerned with the aesthetic aspects of their design as well as the functional considerations.

Best of all, when you chose to work with Argus Engineering, you will have the pleasure of working directly with the managing partners of the firm."

-Timothy J. Colbert, Managing Partner, Integrated Acquisition & Development, Corp.