Argus Engineering: Consulting Mechanical and Electrical Engineers for industrial, educational, medical and institutional buildings

About Us

Partner-level involvement for real-time response.
For an unparalleled level of communication, at least one of the three founding Argus Engineering partners will be involved in your project - from start to finish.
With over fifty years combined mechanical and electrical engineering experience, the Argus partners and their team of qualified professionals bring acquired expertise and forward-thinking approach to each project. Here’s how you benefit:
Immediate, agile response. Should your project suddenly switch directions or a challenge arise, there's no lengthy chain of command at Argus Engineering: Only decisive action taken by the involved partner to custom-create a solution.

Interaction is encouraged. Transparency is welcomed.
 We invite client interaction: encouraging questions and maintaining transparency at every step in a project. And because we engineer with purpose, there’s a reason behind each plan detail; the Argus partners want you to understand those reasons. 

Expedient troubleshooting.
The involved Argus partner and his team of engineers know the intricacies of each plan and can immediately pinpoint areas of concern and quickly devise an on-target response.

Constant vigilance for greater quality control.
Argus Engineering is 100% accountable for the mechanical and electrical solutions we deliver; however, we also hold other firms in your project team up to our rigorous quality and efficiency standards. After all, Argus means “all-seeing” in Greek.

Optimized workflow for on-time and on-budget projects.  Our team of consulting engineers ensures your project gets done according to schedule and budget. The Argus partners are expert collaborators with all members of your project team: from architects to contractors, from structural engineers to code officials.

"I have had the pleasure of working directly with Argus for several years now on a multi-million project and numerous smaller projects. We pull no punches with our relationship. I get to work with the principals of the firm who add their commitment and personal touch. Once we decide on a goal together, Argus gets right to work on it and are quick to respond."

John Laubscher, V.P. Support Services, Cortland Regional Medical Center